Open source, multi-vendor, multi-technology telecommunication network management platform

Open source, multi-vendor, multi-technology telecom network management platform

BTS-CE is a production ready network management platform that leverages the best and latest technologies.

Download BTS-CE v2.1.0 Demo

What is BTS-CE?

Boda Telecom Suite - Community Edition (BTS-CE) is an open source telecommunication network management platform. The project aims to leverage the best in open source software , big data and machine learning to provide a feature rich platform for network management. The project was started in 2017 by Bodastage Solutions with a vision of setting up a platform and building a community around it. Initial focus is on Radio Network Optimization and automation.

RAN Browsing

Radio Access Network Element browsing with filtering and download support


Support of all the leading telecommunication vendors such as Ericsson, Huawei, ZTE, and Nokia, etc.


Support for GSM, UMTS,LTE, and 5G ready

RAN Network Baseline

Automatic generation of radio access network baseline values for all vendors and technlogies

Network Audit

Network configuration audit for relations, conflicts and parameter values

Managed Objects

Browsing of configuration managed objects for all vendors and technologies


Support for tabular and various graphical report types