Thank you for interest in contributing to this project. Contributions can be in form of code, documentation, or responses to other users' questions. All contributions are submitted through Github pull requests. Start by creating a Github account if you don't have one already. Detailed instructions are given below.

The project has five key repositories:

Download BTS-CE Repositories

In order to submit changes via GitHub pull requests, you need to fork the above BTS-CE repositories. Once you have your own fork, clone it to your local machine using Git. See details of how to fork and create pull request.

Report bugs/submit feature requests

Bugs and feature requests can be logged on our issue tracker. Additionaly, each repository has it's own issue tracker that can be used to log it's specific issues. For example, issues concerning the database structure should be logged into the bts-ce-database issue tracker

We rely on the community to test releases, find bugs, contribute fixes and features, and provide feedback on existing APIs. Your contributions are greatly appreciated!