System Requirements

The following minimum requirements are needed to run BTS-CE.


To deploy the application, follow the instructions below

  1. Download the lastesr version of BTS-CE
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Launch command prompt on Windows or terminal on Unix/Linux
  4. From the terminal, change to unzipped BTS-CE folder
    $cd /path/to/BTS-CE-v1.0.22
  5. Run setup command and follow any instructions given
    $bts setup
  6. Open web broswer and paste the URL http://localhost on windows or
  7. Login with username: and password: password
  8. Refer to the documentation or look at the community page for where to get help

Get Involved

BTS-CE is an open source platform and any help in the form of code, documentation, or answering questions for other users is welcome. Refer to the contributing guide for more details.